Smokies Run to End Mountaintop Removal

June 5, 2009 - One Response


On June 23, I’ll be running 72 miles on the Appalachian Trail across the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to help end mountaintop removal. My journey will cross the highest mountains along the A.T. and some of the tallest peaks in the East, including Mount Guyot, Mount Cammerer, Charlies Bunion, and Clingmans Dome. While these majestic mountains are protected within the national park, just a stone’s throw from the Smokies there are mountains being beheaded by mountaintop removal mining. Five proposed mountaintop removal sites are within 50 miles of the Great Smokies. Another 37 mountaintop removal sites across Virginia, west Virginia, and Kentucky have been approved by the Obama Administration to proceed.

I hope that my run will raise awareness about mountaintop removal to the millions of hikers who visit the Smokies and the Southern Appalachians each year. We can end the national disgrace of blowing up our mountains and burying our streams and communities. All it takes is a stroke of Obama’s pen.