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Give Thanks, Give Miles
November 13, 2009

Total miles as of November 12: 83,844.

The miles continue to roll in from across the country…thanks to everyone who dedicates their exercise, whether it’s a few miles at the gym or dozens of miles out on the trail. The miles are adding up—and so is the pressure to end mountaintop removal mining. Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, recently suspended all mountaintop mining permits to determine if they are violating the Clean Water Act. More people than ever are mobilized to end mountaintop removal. Unfortunately, the coal industry is accelerating its efforts; they have recently begun blasting on Coal River Mountain, a beloved mountain in West Virginia. Residents nearby overwhelmingly support a wind farm on the mountain, but Massey Energy is continuing its daily dynamiting of the mountaintop. Find out more here.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, consider burning off calories with a brisk walk or run around the block—and then emailing your mileage (even if it’s just a quarter-mile) to (or posting it in the comments below). It’s free. It’s meaningful. And it can save lives—including your own.