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Total Miles Donated So Far
August 12, 2009


Miles for Mountains has received 32,432 miles donated so far from runners, walkers, and hikers all across the country. Special thanks go out to Darin Layman, a runner in the Ozarks of Missouri, who has donated over 92 miles in the past six weeks. Steven McBride, a professional photographer from Asheville, N.C., and his partner Sharon donated their 70 miles of hiking in Glacier National Park last month. Several ultra runners, track clubs, mom’s walking groups, and high school teams have also joined the effort. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and willingness to share their miles for an important cause: protecting mountains that are older than life on earth.

Submit your mileage on a daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic basis to or post them to the web site. Our goal: one million miles to end mountaintop removal. We’re getting there, one step at a time.